Leopard Print Corset Top with Spaghetti Strap


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Riduzione giro vita

Riduzione considerevole del punto vita per modellare il corpo Ti dà l'aspetto di una silhouette più tonica.

Indice di invisibilità

Ideati per essere indossati sotto indumenti larghi, questi corsetti sono disponibili come modello Overbust, con lacci in corda o pannelli per fianchi (hip panel) Comodo e traspirante, adatto per essere indossato tutto il giorno.

Indice di comfort

Corsetti con massimo comfort Design elegante con allacciatura a nastro.
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Visualizza la guida alle taglie


Instant Shape

Shape your waist, look one dress size slimmer instantly.

Whether you are looking for a fashion top or a comfortable undergarment, Instant Shape is a great entry level corset. Rated to a 2” Waist Reduction these garments have fully adjustable lacing allowing you to cinch your waist and smooth your shape.  Ribbon lacing makes this range easy to disguise under clothing, available in a wide range of patterns and fabrics including longline recommended for ladies over 5ft 7”

  • Rated to a 2” Waist Reduction.
  • Fully adjustable ribbon lacing & modesty panel
  • Loops for suspender clips as standard and loops for bra straps (overbust only)
  • The latest fashions featuring sleeves for extra coverage
  • Easy to disguise under most clothing
  • Spiral Steel Boning
  • Comfortable patterns often finished in breathable fabrics, perfect for everyday wear


A piece that will never go out of style! This gorgeous leopard print overbust corset is a fiery design that is guaranteed to spice up any outfit. Featuring a 90s inspired straight bustline and spaghetti straps, pair this with jeans and trainers in the day, or wear with heels and a mini skirt by night. With an instant waist reduction of up to 2”, this design is guaranteed to give you the standout silhouette you’ve been waiting for! 

  • Stile: overbusto, lunghezza regolare.
  • Gamma: forma istantanea.
  • Caratteristiche del design del corsetto: stampa animalier, cinturino regolabile.
  • Colore: stampa animalier neurale.
  • Allacciatura completamente regolabile: nastro nero da 10 mm.
  • Riduzione vita realizzabile: 5 cm
  • Pannello posteriore di modestia (modesty panel)
  • Nastro in vita robusto
  • 6 anelli reggicalze
  • Materiale esterno: 100% Cotone
  • Fodera: 85% Poliestere 15% Cotone Twill
  • 10 x 4 mm Leggero Ossa in Acciaio Spirale, 4 x 7 mm Leggero Ossa In Acciaio Piatto
  • Lunghezza del busk: 35 cm (tutte le taglie).

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